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  • Manga name: RUNAWAY FAMILY RAW
  • Other names: Runaway Family raw manhwa
  • Author(s): Serious
  • Genre(s): Raw
  • Status: On going
  • Manga/Manhwa Raw/Engsub: Runaway Family
  • Views: 144469


I’m looking for a family…”

Eun-Yul is living alone in a huge mansion since his father ‘abandoned’ him after getting remarried to a younger woman…

Eun-Yul, by wanting to experience what it felt to have a real family, invited a group of people with their own stories and problems to live with him and form a harmonious family. What Eun-Yul didn’t expect was the temptation he would feel for his new ‘sisters’.

An uncontrollable desire, a longing for something he can’t have! A mysterious cohabitation begins!



chap 22 7427 views
chap 21 9516 views
chap 20 10954 views
chap 19 11821 views
chap 18 12471 views
chap 17 12889 views
chap 16 16201 views
chap 15 16931 views
chap 14 17826 views
chap 13 19765 views
chap 12 21776 views
chap 11 27454 views
chap 10 29836 views
chap 09 30582 views
chap 08 29957 views
chap 07 31101 views
chap 06 27041 views
chap 05 37125 views
chap 04 32560 views
chap 03 29353 views
chap 02 28139 views


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